Buying The Right Fishing Boat

If you are planning to buy a boat,you’ll first need to evaluate what you plan to do with it. If your primary purpose is fishing,then you’ll want tolook into boats that are designed primarily for fishing.

If you happen to be a tournament fisherman,or hope to be,then you probably wouldn’t be happy with aboat less than a 150 HP motor and shorter than 19feet in length. Those of you who plan to fish inreally deep water on a regular basis will probably need a 200 HP motor and at least 20 feet of length.

If you don’t plan to tournament fish,but go after bass fish instead,you’ll want a 17 – 18 foot boat with at least a 115 HP motor. This way,you canenjoy the lake or the river.

Those of you who like to fish for species may want to look for a more versatile boat with plenty ofwalking around room,higher sides,and a different seating arrangement. This type of boat is idealfor several people,even a trip out with yourwife and kids.

If you plan to fish on occasion,but not enoughto invest in a boat,you may want to look at afish and ski model. This is a hybrid boat,crossing between a bass boat and pleasure boat,and can easily serve your purpose.

The biggest part of the buying process is getting what you can afford. Luckily,there are many new boats available,giving you several that fit your budget. If you prefer,you can shop and find a used boat that fits both your needs and budget.

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