Goal Versus Emotional Investment

By John Sage Melbourne

The job of beating the market is easy,it is the job of beating ourselves,our natural instincts and dispositions that proves tough.We are all comfortable purchasing when the market is strong and everybody is talking about increasing values.

Success based upon feeling is success based upon chance which is never sustainable.

Neutrality is the only course to wealth,and neutrality is neutral concerning fear,greed and viewpoint.The difference between the theory of investment psychology and actual investment is the financial commitment needed. Neutrality all of a sudden falls away and feeling takes over. This results in bad choices and therefore loss. Losses are to be welcome as they teach us humility.

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The financial markets are really good and exposing our human weak points which in turn again lead to loss. If you are not prepared to confess errors and take therapeutic action,losses are most likely to compound.

It is important to evaluate both your progress and your errors on a continuous basis. The marketplace is never truly the exact same two times. New situations and brand-new obstacles will constantly arise.

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