Important Facts About South Carolina Work Comp System

Did you recently get injured at work in South Carolina? If so,you may qualify for benefits to help you settle medical bills and take care of wages lost when you could not attend to duty. Here are important facts about how the South Carolina Work Comp System works ( workers comp ):

Employees Should Report Their On-the-Job Injury

If you get hurt in a work-related accident,you must report it to your employer within 3 months from the day of the injury. You risk losing your workers’ compensation benefits if you fail to report your accident within 90 days. It is better to report the injury as soon as possible. However,the SC laws provide a longer period to take care of those employees who deliberately fail to report or are exposed to toxic substances whose effect take long to be discovered.

Do remember that South Carolina has a statute of limitations which disallow any claims filed after the deadline. If your employer doesn’t have an established procedure,you need to report the injuries in writing to your immediate supervisor.

Workers’ Compensation Covers Your Medical Treatment

If your injury arose due to your job,you are eligible to receive payment for all your medical treatment for the injuries sustained. The treatment may also include surgery,emergency care,surgery,hospitalization,assistive devices,medication,and vocational rehabilitation. In some cases,you are expected to see a doctor chosen by your employer or employer’s insurance carrier.

If you must see a different doctor,it is advisable to seek the permission of the insurance company. In the event they refuse,you should contact the South Carolina Workers’ Comp Commission.

You May Qualify for Total or Partial Disability Benefits

If your job-related injury is severe enough that it makes it impossible to work for more than one week,you may claim for total disability benefits. These benefits will cover 2/3 percent of your average weekly wages. Alternatively,you could be eligible for partial disability benefits if the injury limits your ability to work.

South Carolina Workers’ Comp Attorneys Can Help You

For many years,competent workers compensation lawyer have protected the rights of many injured workers. They can put in their experience to work for you if you are facing any problems with your workers’ compensation claim.

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