Most Frequently Seen DUI Defenses

Driving without the full control of your faculties makes you a danger to those around you. Whether you actually do harm or not,this risky behavior cannot be tolerated. Public safety dictates that those who willingly ingest alcohol or consume drugs prior to driving must be charged in court. If found guilty,then motorists maybe forced to pay fines,surrender their license,do community service,install ignition interlock,or go to jail. The harshness of the penalty will depend on the gravity of the offense. If you want to avoid these,then get a criminal justice to help you obtain a dismissal. Below are the most frequently seen DUI defenses:

Unintentional Alcohol Consumption

The defense can argue that the accused was not aware of any alcohol consumption. Perhaps he avoided getting any beer or wine at a party,but drank a punch that was spiked with alcohol. He may have been falsely informed by the host or other guests that it was safe to drink. Given the good intensions of the accused,the court may understand his plight and set him free. It would help if he never had a record of DUI before this incident and has demonstrated responsible behavior as a driver.

Improper Road Stoppage

The police cannot stop cars at random or according to their whims. The privacy of citizens must be respected. They can only do so if there are signs of bad behavior or dangerous activities. For example,a vehicle might be swerving from left to right,seemingly out of control. They can signal to stop and check for alcohol consumption. If there was no compelling reason,then the charges might get dismissed from the start.

Questionable DUI Testing

Officers may charge drivers with DUI even without a BAC test if they see clear signs of intoxication. Since this is highly subjective, Terre Haute may try to disprove this assessment in any number of ways. Perhaps the person has neurological issues or is merely fatigued. Maybe the field sobriety test was incorrectly performed. The instructions might not have been clearly given,thus resulting in incorrect responses.

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